Press/Published Work

MidCurrent Interview – An interview of Justin by Dave Karczynski

The Big Year – Itinerant Angler Podcast on guiding in The Bahamas, Russia, Argentina, and India in 2014

“Haiku Journal” – A project of Poetry Quarterly Magazine, featuring a few of my published poems. Click on issues 16 and 18 to view, or here to purchase print journals.

“Russian Fly Fishing Magazine Feature” – An article on Patagonia Unlimited from the largest circulation Fly Fishing Magazine in Russia, aptly named “Russian Fly Fishing Magazine”.

“Incident Report #120128” – Published in Dogzplot, 2012 (Flash Fiction)

“A Backyard in Nowhere” – Film Credit, 2011 (Script Supervisor)

“Hiking Patagonia” – Itinerant Angler Podcast, Season 6, 2011 (Interview)

“The Dry Cleaning” – Published in Dogzplot, 2010 (Sudden Fiction)

“To the Moose!” – Published in Baltimore is Reads, 2009 (Poetry)

“Paring Down” – Published in The Angler, 2008 (Short Fiction)

“Georgia’s Native Gems” – Georgia Outdoor News, 2007 (Brook Trout Article)