The goings on – here, and there

Hello Everyone,

Taking a break this week from the water (more or less) and getting caught up in the office between groups. I hope you are all doing well wherever you find yourselves in the world. Things are good for me. We had a bit of a spell of hot weather for a while, but as I write it has cooled off considerably and a mix of rain and snow is falling in the mountains. Over the last month I’ve had some backcountry Trout Bum trips and some clients for a few weeks in the lodge, but they have all been quite enjoyable, and the fishing has been excellent as well. I say more or less about getting caught up in the office over my break because of course the voices called me, and so Trey Scharp and I did a small exploration of the Valle Rio Frio yesterday, when I should probably have been in front of the laptop instead. The water does call though, and it amazes me every single time I get on Google Earth just how much of it there is within a day’s drive of home that still has yet to see my flies. Now though, after the break is done, I’ll be back on the oars until the end of the season and then more or less immediately heading out again for a month-long float trip through one of the longest stretches of back-country river left on Earth, mixing it up at last with a fish that has been on my list now for some time, the noble steelhead. Poor me. Look for stories of that one to come along in May.

In other news (I’m starting to hate that word) the rest of the world seems to have gone quite mad. I am a bit off the network down here, a circumstance I rather enjoy, but the things my clients have been telling me about the goings on up in the states and other parts of our planet of late have been alarming. I realize it is easy for news to seem worse than it is; the media is in the business of focusing only on the bad most of the time; and when I back up far enough from my limited perspective to look at all of this within its larger historical context, perhaps not much has changed. But that can be hard for me to do sometimes. I live in a town where the baker, if she can’t make change for the only bill I happen to have in my wallet on a Sunday morning, tells me “Just pay me next time you come in.”, and then doesn’t even feel the need to write the debt down in her ledger of credits. I just pay her next time I go in, and that’s how things work down here. Sure, bad things happen too; people lie; horses and cattle are occasionally stolen; sometimes even a couple of gauchos get into a fight and one of them is knifed; but for God’s sake man – nobody walks into an elementary school and starts shooting children. I mean, seriously though, what the hell is going on up there?

Anyway, changing the subject, here are some of the better photos that have been taken either by or of me since my last post. Hope you enjoy. Also – our video from the last post got picked up by Orvis’ Friday Fly Fishing Film Festival – click here if you haven’t already seen it, or would like just like to give it another look, and be sure to scroll down to the bottom and leave us some good commentary for the public there as well! And everybody shoot me the news! (Your news, not the media’s; and the word “shoot” here only applies to its usage in sending me an email) Hope to hear from each and every one of you sometime soon.Baby Seed Snipe – Lago StrobelBrown Trout – Christmas Creek, outside Rio Pico, ArgentinaPatagonian Road Sign: “Beware – Spontaneous Orgasms Can Occur”Happy Client, Happy GuideNikita and Gretel – A Love that lastsAnd on a dry, no less…High Lake ApproachPatagonian Edible MushroomLago Tres Brown TroutWielding the Net of JoyThe Spring Creeks of Tres LeonesWild Strawberries on the Estancia of the man who once told me “No one can own a waterfall!”Low Profile Approach

Fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing all day long…

Hello everyone;  I know it’s only been a few weeks, but when you’re at the oars and running the net all day every day it seems like longer.  This actually works out to be kind of a bargain though, if you think about it, as a way for me to stretch more life out of my meager allowance of time as a human being here on Earth.  As for the fishing itself, things have been pretty darn good.  Several days with sun and very little wind have produced great catches on dragonfly dries out on the lakes at the junco lines, and the hopper action in the spring creeks around Rio Pico has been just unbelievable for the clients.

It’s always a bit strange though coming back up to Esquel after being out on the water for so long down around Rio Pico, and this time was no different.  On my first trip to the grocery store last night I found some fascinating uses of marketing print that I thought I might share here.  “Barfy”, believe it or not, is actually a brand of frozen hamburgers here in Argentina, and although I have not actually tried them, they seem to be quite popular with the locals.  “Bimbo” makes dough for empanadas, and as for the Seven Color Crystal Boll – well, all I can say is that I was tempted to buy it just to see what the heck it actually was, or maybe even as potential fly tying material, but in the end instead of helping me “too much”, it freaked me out a little too much, so decided to leave it lay.

I’ve got about a week off now before heading out with the next group, and as such started out in the office splitting my time between taking care of business at the laptop, and taking care of business at the tying bench.  In the interest of efficiency I am looking into building some sort of physical bridge between the two; I’ll let you know how that works out.  But after a few days of this I needed a break and a little fishing seemed to be in order as well, so Trey Scharp, Rio the black lab, and I took the day off together and hit a little seldom-fished stream somewhere outside Trevelin, forgetting all about the laptops and the tying benches for a whole entire day.  And a day filled with hoppers and rainbows to boot!  We walked a long ways, but the fish (all rainbows) were bigger than average for that kind of water, and spread out at just the right intervals to keep the action going all day long, and all three of us had a really good time (Rio even got into a big covey of quail).  The weather was just right for wet-wading too.  I’ll admit, I didn’t even think about all the stuff waiting for me in the office even one single time till I got home.

Hope you’re all doing well wherever you are and whatever you’re up to.  Don’t forget to drop me a line every now and then; I look forward to receiving it soon!