Itinerant Angler Podcast Now Live

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all having a great build up to the holidays and enjoying yourselves immensely.  I recently did an interview via Skype with Zach Mathews of The Itinerant Angler, and the result was this podcast he now has live on his website.  Anybody interested can check it out by clicking here, or on the photo.  It runs about thirty minutes, and covers a little bit of the story of how I ended up down here, as well as a good bit about the fishing and the country and the low-cost Trout Bum packages we offer though Patagonia Unlimited.  Hope you enjoy!


My First Film Credit – Script Supervisor no less!

Not to toot my own horn here, but seeing my name in the credits of a film is something I have always wanted to do; and today, I did.  I met Peter Christensen the way I have met most of the better folks I know, running into him on the same piece of water while we both had a fly rod in hand.  A friendship ensued, and then when he needed an American-English speaker’s take on some script writing work for his latest feature film, A Backyard in Nowhere, I got the gig.  Check out the trailer here on You-Tube and then order your copy today to see the rest including my awesome credit at the end; I vouch for it; you will enjoy.

In case you don’t order it though and still want to see my name (No doubt you were hoping for this) here’s that screen: