Super-Cheap Short Term Special on Lago Strobel Trip (Jurassic Lake)

Hey Folks – I just got a cancellation on one-week itinerary down at Lago Strobel, leaving an opening for four anglers now available at very special pricing.  Dates are April 7th through 14th, and what would normally cost $5,200 is only $3,500 per angler!  This is really a heck of a deal, and a heck of a trip; anybody interested let me now right away so we can get it set up for you and start booking flights!

Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake) has become famous the world over in recent years for its incredible rainbow fishery, sporting perhaps the greatest abundance of trout over ten pounds per acre of water anywhere on Earth. Patagonia Unlimited offers both week and half-week itineraries to fish this incredible system including the Rio Barrancoso, Lago Strobel‟s only tributary and a beautiful river-fishery in and of itself, as well as fifteen smaller but equally productive inner estancia lakes open every year from November 1st through May 1st.

Sight fishing with dry flies is a commonly adopted and effective approach to these waters, and guests choose daily between wading and fishing from a driftboat or raft. Lodging for our Lago Strobel itineraries is provided in an extremely comfortable shoreline estancia, complete with 24 hour windgenerated electricity and hot water, satellite internet and telephone , a full bar, and executive chef prepared meals, allowing for an exceptional level of comfort in this remote region of Santa Cruz. Flights for this itinerary arrive in and depart from Calafate daily (4 hours drive from the estancia), and the rates are all inclusive from the time of your pickup at the airport to the time of your drop off for the flight home.

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